Intelligent Grain Solution

With the technology of modern advanced IoT, RFID, Big Data, etc., the information of the grain depot and the authority can be shared. Inspur Grain Solution can improve the efficiency and quality assurance of the whole cycle management of food grain in the market, storage, distribution, etc. Moreover, it provides informatization support to each management phase of grain circulation and grain management among different departments, as well as constructing the national grain big data to ensure the security of the national grain food.


To realize the real-time monitoring, intelligent analysis model and risk intelligent pre-warning on grain condition to master its actual information quickly.


Automatic weighing, pricing and historical data comparison.

Automatic weighing, pricing and historical data comparison.

Based on the information technology, it is to optimize the business process to improve operation efficiency.

Typical Solutions

Grain Purchase & Sales Solution

Application Overview Function Feature of RF-Card System for Grain Purchases & Sales Core Value。

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Intelligent Grain Depot Solution

Overall Structure Function Feature Value of Intelligent Grain Depot。

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Grain Business Management Solution

Overall Structure Function Feature Core Value 。

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