Inspur Hyperconverged Platform

Nutanix-Validated Inspur Hyperconverged Platforms

Inspur’s advanced hardware platforms are validated by Nutanix, delivering extreme computing performance that powers Nutanix’s industry-leading virtualization software to support a variety of enterprise applications.

Outstanding Stability

Comprehensive performance acceleration, data compression, deduplication, and other advanced storage features Software-centric system architecture design enables precise resource management and greatly improves system efficiency.

Hyperconverged Performance

Optimized and validated for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS, supporting leading-edge hyperconvergence technologies Increased IT utilization and efficiency with hyperconverged modular resource pooling Unparalleled performance and efficiency with dense flash storage combined with Nutanix web scale design.

Hassle-Free Operation and Maintenance

Fast, hassle-free deployment and simplified management, operation, and maintenance.

InMerge Platform

i24 for HCI

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NF5280M5 for HCI

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Inspur Hyperconverged Platform

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White Paper

Inspur inMerge solution overview

Inspur server customers can move up to the full benefits of an on-premises cloud computing environment to nimbly and efficiently keep pace with the application needs of their business. With the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software capabilities, Inspur customers can run any workload at any scale.

IT efficiency
Accelerates deployment & simplifies management
Provides the highest availability
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